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Netrunner Laser-Cut Identities

Netrunner Laser-Cut Identities

I’ve been using the laser cutter/engraver to generate some Netrunner identities for some time, and finally got some that look really good.

M.C. Escher Ice Cube Molds

When staying at a bed-and-breakfast they had these really neat hexagonal ice cube trays. We picked up some of our own when we got home, but the thought was planted - “what other shapes could I do?” Of course, one of the most interesting space-filling tiling artists of all time has to be M.C. Escher.

Netrunner Card Boxes

Netrunner Card Boxes

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my Netrunner card storage for a while. Now that I have access to a laser cutter/engraver, I finally took the plunge and designed these boxes. I think they turned out fantastic!