The BOOST program at Duke was a great mentoring program that paired graduate students with minority students from Durham. We worked with them over the course of the semester and introduced them to food science and brain science. In addition to working as a large group (~30 students) once a month, we worked in small (~4 student) groups as well. These groups were responsible for producing an end-of-year science project in a science fair style format. Unfortunately, they were not able to secure continued funding, but you can view the project page here.


During grad school, I frequently helped out with the Chemistry and Physics department outreach. Here’s a video of one of the physical sciences’ demo nights. You’re looking at the thermite reaction, an incredibly exothermic (heat producing) chemical reaction.

I’ve wanted to see this reaction since I learned about it in middle school and was thrilled to actually see it in person.


In grad school, I was “adopted” for the last two years through the adopt a physicist program. Here’s a video I made to illustrate light polarization;