Netrunner Boxes Gallery

Netrunner Boxes Gallery

Netrunner card boxes illuminated.

Illuminated viewed from another angle

Illuminated viewed from the top, main factions

Illuminated viewed from the top, neutral, etc.

Close up of the neutral runner box

All faces as viewed from the top

Runner boxes with cards

Runner main factions with cards

Corp boxes with cards

Corp main factions with cards

All boxes with cards viewed from the front

All boxes stacked vertically

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Netrunner Laser-Cut Identities

Netrunner Laser-Cut Identities

I’ve been using the laser cutter/engraver to generate some Netrunner identities for some time, and finally got some that look really good.

M.C. Escher Ice Cube Molds

When staying at a bed-and-breakfast they had these really neat hexagonal ice cube trays. We picked up some of our own when we got home, but the thought was planted - “what other shapes could I do?” Of course, one of the most interesting space-filling tiling artists of all time has to be M.C. Escher.

Netrunner Card Boxes

Netrunner Card Boxes

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my Netrunner card storage for a while. Now that I have access to a laser cutter/engraver, I finally took the plunge and designed these boxes. I think they turned out fantastic!