Sudoku Solver

Published: Apr 1, 2008 by K. E. Claytor

Sudoku Solver

A GUI that allows one to enter in a Sudoku and then solves it.

  • At this point it only uses a “forced method” and cannot solve all sudoku puzzles.
  • Stay tuned for Version 2 which should be able to solve even harder ones.

To use simply install the two matlab “.m” files to your matlab work path and then type in SudokuSolver.

SudokuSolver.m - The GUI that allows easy interface to building a Sudoku matrix (not required).

SudokuCore.m - The program that actually solves the 9x9 matrix (required).

initial puzzle through the ui

A screenshot of the Sudoku GUI before solving

solved sudoku puzzle

A screenshot of the Sudoku GUI after solving - This one was rated a 5 of 5 in the Houston Chronicle.

Revision history;

  • Version 1.0 - Functional forced method
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