Electric Mandolin

The electric mandolin (emando) is a 4-string solid-body mandolin. It's a hodgepodge of other electric instrument parts (mostly bass guitar?!?) with a 14" mandolin scale lengtht that somehow managed to get in tune.

Toblerone Clock

The toblerone clock is a 21 element dual-color LED grid made from toblerone boxes. In addition to telling time, you can tweet messages to it and have it play out the game of life.

Nonlinear Oscillator

My nonlinear lego oscillator is an extensive toy physics system. It is a driven and damped harmonic oscillator. Since it's coupling to the drive arm is nonlinear (a rubber band), you can get interesting dynamics.


Tangicode is the project I worked on for the Triangle Startup Weekend, Maker Edition 2014. The idea is to go from product idea to minimum product and pitch in ~48 hrs. Our projet was on making logic and programming concepts accessible to younger kids. We were doing this by having a series of blocks they could interact with which would then be interpreted and control a video game character.